• Passion is my virtue
  • Tiny dancer, fancy romancer, inspiritress extraordinaire
  • The difference between a spell and a wish is audacity
  • Were I with thee Wild Nights would be Our luxury
  • Kisses are a better fate than wisdom
  • Paramour of memory, ultimate mistress, source of all pleasure, my only desire
  • I have dreamed of the rare entertainment of your eyes
  • Let me fire your blood with new desire
  • The only sin is restriction


"Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together." ― Anaïs Nin

"I am an excitable person who only understands life lyrically, musically, in whom feelings are much stronger as reason. I am so thirsty for the marvelous that only the marvelous has power over me. Anything I can not transform into something marvelous, I let go. Reality doesn't impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls." ― Anaïs Nin


My name is Edie. I'm a delectable inspiritress, titillating temptress, sensuous mistress, erotic pocket rocket. I'm the whole package in a luscious lil' frame. This sultry sizzle sauce dame wants to know your name. I've got the magic when you need some honey. With our passions ignited, inspiration is guaranteed. I'm just what the witch doctor ordered...


I'm definitely not "the girl next door". I'm the one you can never quite figure out or catch up to. I'm a creature governed by higher minded dictates and heart centered caprice. You can find me on the fringe of the consensus, always riding the cusp of escapade and mystery. I'm a Dionysian disco dervish, patron of metaphysics and devotee of synchronicity. I'm a tea connoisseur, avid reader, yoga lover, poet, performance artist, songstress and intermediate sybarite with a background in dance and various holistic therapies (which serves to amply compliment my other capabilities). I'm your Venusian dream nymph come true; a sweet heathen who enjoys healthy eats, quality absinthe, good sipping tequila, fine wine, spending lots of time in nature, active outdoor activities and all of the cultured metropolitan delights the city has to offer.


I pride myself on my incendiary fervor for life, my continued personal evolution and ineptitude for boredom. I laugh a lot and am an engaging conversationalist with a witty sense of humor. I offer a unique and revitalizing experience which may include ambient music, candle lighting and me lavishing you with natural oils and a stellar sensual body rub.


I invite you into my domain where our most authentic truths reign. I entreat you to share time with me in an alternate otherworldly dimension, where our senses are heightened and our bodies blissfully enlivened. No matter how fleeting it may be in the grand scheme of things that our orbits do align, we might both be transformed forever, and for the better in as many ways as our hearts so desire…




"Politeness [is] a sign of dignity, not subservience." ―Theodore Roosevelt



Email is my preferred method of communication.


At this time, I am only available for out-calls. I can meet you at an upscale hotel or another choice location you arrange for us.


I can generally arrange to meet for adventure and entertaining most days between 12 pm and 9 pm. There is an additional consideration fee applied for appointments outside of these hours.


Advance scheduling is required. My dance card fills up fast, so I rarely accommodate appointment requests on short notice. Please feel free to contact me to initiate a dialogue on possibilities, but those who plan ahead or whom I have already met and screened have priority scheduling.


Upon completing the screening process, a non-refundable deposit of $250 confirms our date. This deposit can be applied to any future appointment, given 72-hours notice of cancellation. Bring the remainder of our session consideration in cash with you to our date. Additional cancellation fees may be required, depending on the duration of our session.




Screening is not optional. Please be honest, forthcoming, and compassionate during this process. I make it as painless as possible, but do your best to understand it is necessary, and the faster we move through the formalities, the faster we can get to the fun stuff. Your information is only used to better acquaint me with you before sharing time. I will not cater to any irrational sensitivities or paranoid delusions regarding what else one might suspect may be done with it. I am a professional, and I promise you that I will never share any incriminating details of our encounters or your personal information ever.


Have your ID out and ready for inspection upon our first introduction.




Please be punctual. Our session begins at our scheduled time and includes all time spent together. If you are running late, that time counts as part of the time we have booked and, unless you'd like to extend the fun and luvin', it will conclude at the original time as scheduled. (Similarly: if I am running late, I will extend our session and credit you the extra time or give you a commensurate refund).


If we are having a great time and you would like to keep the inspiration alive, we can extend our tryst (if my schedule allows) for my standard hourly considerations.


Don't attempt to overstay our allotted time together without compensating for it or petition me for extra time off-the-clock. As much as I'm sure I'll enjoy spending extra time with you, all time and activities with me must be booked, and my standard hourly gratuity applies.




Although this should go without saying, please be squeaky clean and minty-fresh for me. Offensive odors are a turn-off. I may interrupt our session and ask you to address an issue if something I detect makes me uncomfortable. Thoroughly wash your hands at the start of our date.     




Haggling is the antithesis of attractive. No negotiations or prorating. My considerations are clearly listed and apply to any extended time together.


Please leave your benefaction in plain view immediately upon our meeting.


If we meet in public, please present the full gratuity to me upon our introduction discreetly in a gift bag, book, or card.


I do not go on off-the-clock dates of any kind; I do, however, offer a donation option for platonic public screening with no-strings-attached. Refer to the "Meet & Greet" segment under "Offerings" page for more information.




I'm a low-volume and exclusive provider with a high standard of integrity. I honor only sincere inquiries and accept new clients who demonstrate a well-balanced, good-natured, and dependable aptitude. Respect my time, and I will invariably respect yours.


Kindly notify me as soon as possible if you need to change our plans.


I require an inconvenience fee for cancellations within 72 hours (see "Offerings"). Please settle this up with me promptly (via. American Express Gift Card or PayPal).




Gifts are not required and never expected. But if you are exceptionally generous, I will be incredibly grateful for your thoughtfulness. You can refer to my Wishlister for ideas. Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Visa, Amazon, SANTÉ Aesthetics and Wellness, NET-A-PORTER, Bordelle, and Etsy gift cards are also always safe and effective wins. I am a hard fit to match, but if you are inspired to try or have something special you'd like me to model on our next rendezvous, I am a 32 A, Petite, 00/XXS and shoe size 4 US, EU 34.




Explicit or lewd language (via email or on the phone) will terminate our communiqué.


Chivalry is sexy. Be the type of man who can comport himself around a lady. Manners get you everywhere (safe and respectful conduct is a must).


I do not offer "menus" or extra pictures, so please refrain from asking for them. Whatever I currently have posted on my website and elsewhere online is everything I have available for sneak peeks and public consumption. You can check out my Twitter and Tumblr profiles for bawdy blurbs, the occasional saucy selfie and other anecdotal updates. My photos have been verified on several reputable provider directories. Meaning: I have gone through the trials of proving my image and identity to professional judges of authenticity in the industry to help ensure your confidence in me. You are welcome to refer to those if extra reassurance is needed (Slixa Profile and my Eros Guide Profile). I trust those are sufficient enough for you to determine our compatibility. I also offer a "Meet and Greet" option for initial no-strings-attached casual encounters.







I am not trying to change the world. I'm just offering my gift, and if somebody is moved by it, that's beautiful.

There is no promise of or contract for services. I am an artist and entertainer; donations are for my companionship time.


Following is a list of options for how we might engage in our time together and the commensurate time-based donations:




This sensual experience is more holistic and is all about you—best for those desiring an authentically affectionate, nurturing, and restorative experience. You get to relax and receive in a safe and clean environment with candle lighting and ambient music. I will lavish you with natural oils, aiming to amplify your corporeal pleasure with my warm touch. This type of engagement focuses on relaxation, stress reduction, and the presence of awareness. Your entire body will be caressed with intention and awakened to new states of embodied bliss. <


  • See Below.



This type of engagement is optimally suited for the discerning gentleman who enjoys extended activities, appreciates adventure, intimate connections, and more fulfilling entertainment. It is ideal for those desiring further exploration of the senses and enhanced interaction. It includes all of the best aspects of a sensual touch session with limitless opportunities for creative and passionate expression. We will enjoy a closer connection with more free-flowing movement as we are called in the moment. During our time together, I will invigorate and delight all facets of your being, igniting your passions and stimulating your senses with my charms and genuine affections as you have my full attention. I can accompany you out on the town for refined debauchery, dancing, dinner, and drinks or for a private soiree of our own design in which we may revel and indulge in a deeper exploration of each other's best attributes (and any combination thereof).


Out Calls:

  • 90 minutes: $1,000
  • 2 hours: $1,200
  • 3 hours: $1,500
  • +$500 for each additional hour
  • Up to 12 hours: $4,000/Overnight
  • Up to 24 hours: $6,000
  • Weekend Getaway (up to 48 hours): $10,000
  • Extended Adventure (up to 72 hours): $12,000
  • $3,000 each additional day
-Listed rates are for inner Portland (and up to a 15-minute drive from downtown PDX). Extra gratuity and travel compensation may be required in other areas and for greater distances.

-Please have ample drinking available throughout our date. Sparkling mineral water is my favorite.

-Dates over 4 hours must include active time outside.

-12-hour minimum booking for overnighters or an additional consideration of $200 is added for dates scheduled after hours (beginning concluding outside of my regular availability of 12 pm - 9 pm).

-Dates extending past midnight will be considered "overnight" (whether we stay together or not).

-Overnight dates include at least 7 hours of sleep.

-A larger deposit may be required for dates over 3 hours, habitual cancellations, and new clients.

-I am available for exclusive travel (domestic and international). Contact me directly to inquire about longer bookings, multiple-day excursions, and other locations. See "Exclusive Travel" for more details.




This is a more sustained and customizable relationship for those with whom I share a special bond. If you are smitten, and the occasional consort isn't enough, we can set new parameters to fulfill our desires further. With me as your mistress, we'll have increased freedom to meet a spectrum of wants and needs as time becomes an ally in our shared pursuit of truly life-changing enterprises. This can range from recurrent weekly trysts to semi-exclusive or exclusive arrangements in which I will clear my professional schedule to make you my preferential Number 1. We may communicate more freely via text, phone, and email between trysts during this time. I will not relocate my residence and will still maintain my lifestyle.


  • 5k - 40k monthly 




  • Add 1.5 times individual rates with a 2-hour minimum.




I have an insatiable case of wanderlust and am a savvy traveler. I love any excuse to jet-set and would be delighted to meet you in your city or join you for some exotic wayfaring. All posted rates above are for bookings in PDX only (and up to 15 mins away from downtown PDX). If you wish to see me outside of my natural habitat,t I will need accommodations to be taken care of and a 50% deposit and advance payment of travel expenses for exclusive travel arrangements. I require an additional $100 per hour of travel.


Airborne & International Trips:


  • 12 hour minimum for West Coast trips.
  • 24 hour minimum for Mid-West/East Coast domestic trips.
  • 48 hour minimum for International travel.
  • First-class airfare is appreciated. I will book my travel accommodations.
  • I require a sustainable sleep schedule and a healthy diet when traveling.  
  • I need a few hours of personal time each day to recharge and refresh.
  • "Travel time" includes all door-to-door transport (driving, air, layovers, cab, etc..).




Strictly for friendly social events and platonic public encounters that do not involve role-play, fantasy, or PDA's and must be paid for in advance via PayPal if your screening status is incomplete.
  • 1 hour: $200 (includes local outcall compensation)




Much planning and preparation go on behind the scenes to make myself available for a select number of friends each week. Cancellations throw a wrench in my flow and wreak havoc on my schedule. I encourage you to take a moment to check-in and be clear that you will be able to follow through on plans before arranging a date with me.


For cancellations within 72 hours, I ask for a 50% inconvenience fee to compensate for losses incurred due to the cancellation.

For cancellations under 24 hours, I require 100% compensation.

A portion of this may be applied to our next rendezvous if the inconvenience fee is settled up promptly. The cancellation fee is forfeited if you cancel our rescheduled date.

Payments can be made by purchasing an American Express Gift Card or PayPal. You are responsible for all related service charges. 

No shows must pay in full or are blacklisted.





You can see anything in photos by your imagination, feeling and emotion.








If you have any questions, please contact me. You will get appropriate and timely answers. Please do not send Text messages. Visit my Twitter feed and Tumblr blog for current updates and extra credit reading.